About Us

Naturally wholesome food. From our family to yours.

Hailing from the scenic farm country of Kilkenny in the South East of Ireland, the Connolly family have been creating wholesome foods for animals since 1908.

Our Family Story

It all started back in 1866 when Michael Connolly, having emigrated to New York in the 1840s during the Great Famine, returned to his home town in Ireland with a dream of starting his own business. While in the USA he had developed a successful career caring for the horses of a French trainer who was based in Long Island. Michael saw potential in a mill on the river Barrow, built in 1758 by Englishman John Handy. In 1908 he bought that mill, restarting it as William Connolly & Sons Ltd – named after his youngest son, William. When William took over, there were four other mills in the area, all producing similar products for the local farming community. To make Connolly’s stand out, he painted the roof red – unwittingly creating a unique brand identity, now known across the globe as RED MILLS. The family business grew from strength to strength, while the love of animals that Michael had fostered was passed on from generation to generation.

The dogs who inspired a legacy

Our pet food ranges started off in the mid 1980s with Bill Connolly and his dogs – Caesar, a german pointer, and Pharaoh, a springer spaniel. Finding that a lot of dog foods available in Ireland at that time were full of dubious ‘filler’ ingredients, Bill set out to create a diet for the two that was full of natural, clean ingredients which he was able to source from local farmers in the area. The end result was a complete food that combined quality meats and wholesome vegetables with vitamins, minerals and oils in a kibble which was easy to digest and helped Caesar and Pharaoh to grow into very happy healthy dogs with glossy, silky coats that these breeds are famed for. The two dogs went on to win many rosettes in their time and are still much loved and remembered members of the Connolly clan.

Who are we?

We are not a corporation. We are a family. Our love of animals goes back generations, as do the relationships we have built with the local farmers who supply us, and our customers across the globe who have spread the word about our very special products. All of our ingredients are fully transparent and traceable, locally & sustainably sourced wherever possible, and farmed by people we know and trust. We stand over the quality of everything that bears the Connolly’s RED MILLS name, and our commitment to developing superior diets for your dogs and cats comes from the connection our team have with their own animals. We take great pride in being a family business and draw inspiration from the many dedicated and passionate pet parents throughout our company.

Our vision

We want to create wholesome products that nourish animals, and help them to live healthier, fuller and longer lives. By combining the highest quality, natural ingredients, with the latest advancements in technology and animal studies, we are creating superior products for dogs and cats all across the globe.
We want to do what is best for our pets, and for yours, which is why producing complete, balanced pet foods from pure, natural healthy ingredients is our priority. Our dedicated vet & nutrition team have animals at the centre of everything we do. We understand that every pet is different, and our recipes offer you a menu of options including high meat, low calorie, single source protein, low grain & grain free.

Nutrition as nature intended

We know a diet of junk food – artificial ingredients and cheaper filler dressed up with salt and fat – is bad for any of us, human, canine or feline. So at Connolly’s we have a mission to give our dogs and cats a food as healthy and natural as what we’d chose for ourselves.

100% Irish

Not only can we trace our ingredients, we have developed relationships with farmers we trust to provide us with fresh, local ingredients. Food loses quality in transit from distant places, and using local ingredients is also better for the environment.

Free Run

Go Native foods use only free-run, local Irish duck and chicken. This provides a fully traceable, sustainable source of protein for strong muscles.

Grain Free

Our Go Native line uses potato instead of grain, making it easier to digest. It’s an ideal food for dogs with food sensitivities, allergies or sensitive tummies.

Oral Health

Dogs and cats need dental care to thrive and live a long life. While all of our kibbles promote dental health, we also offer Leader Oral Pro treats and Go Native Dental Sticks. All of these chewy treats clean your pet’s teeth as they enjoy them. With so many options, your dog is sure to love at least one of them.

Organic Fish

Go Native uses sustainably sourced, organic salmon and herring from County Donegal. Rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids, fish supports your dog’s muscle, cardiac and brain health while protecting against inflammation.

Joint Care

We use chondroitin and glucosamine in many of our feeds to promote healthy joints. Active, happy pets need strong joints to run, jump and play. Good nutrition for joint care means more joy in life for your pet. Our Leader Nutri Vigor Hip & Joint treats are rich with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and natural antioxidants to protect against inflammation.

Only the best Ingredients

The same rule applies to cooking at home and preparing superior pet foods – you have to start with the best, freshest ingredients. Connolly’s Red Mills works closely with Irish suppliers to provide your pet with high-quality, fully traceable ingredients.

  • All natural with no genetically modified ingredients
  • Locally sourced and traceable from Irish farmers we know and trust
  • Wholesome, healthy foods for strong muscles, healthy joints and a shiny coat

We ensure each ingredient is tested promptly prior to being carefully graded and stored