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Is Your Puppy Ready for Adult Food?

Puppies grow up so quickly. One day they are a tiny bundle of fluffy joy terrorising your slippers, ...


What Types of Fish Can Dogs Eat?

Are you’re planning to enjoy some fishing this summer with your four-legged best friend at your si...


Can Certain Dog Foods Make My Dog’s Skin Itch?

One of the most obvious signs your dog is eating well is a healthy coat. A setter or spaniel with a ...


How Do I Stop My Dogs from Fighting over Food?

Sibling rivalry isn’t just for humans. Dogs in the same family can have their share of conflict to...


How to Stop Your Puppy from Chewing Everything

Below your puppy’s heart-melting big brown eyes is a set of teeth worthy of a piranha. Pups of eve...


How Much Is Daycare for My Dog in the UK?

With the world slowly, carefully reopening, many dog owners are aware that their canine companions h...